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Spine and Sports Chiropractic Clinic provides you with up-to-date chiropractic care and techniques. Our Houston chiropractors draw on the natural healing capacity of the body with tools and methods such as Graston technique, digital x-ray, physical therapy and postural training, Orthotic fitting and Kinesio Taping. Techniques and therapies administered in our office include treatments for car accident injury, sports injury, work injury as well as pain management for chronic conditions.

Auto Accident Injury

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You might think your body has to be slammed at high speeds to experience injury in a car. But even a bumper to bumper car accident when crawling along the freeway can result in a whiplash injury. Sometimes the painful effects of auto accident injuries don’t show up until days, months or years later. Be sure to get examined by a healthcare professional as soon as possible after a car accident.

Neck & Back Pain

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Is back pain leaving you flat on your back? Are you unable to work because of debilitating back pain? Is back pain making life constantly uncomfortable?

At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, all of our conveniently located Houston area clinics are staffed by licensed chiropractors. Our chiropractic doctors evaluate and treat patients suffering from back pain and related conditions due to all types of injuries including sports, work and auto. We have the experience to find solutions to relieve chronic pain.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment for auto accident injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries and workplace injuries. This is because chiropractic care targets the root cause of a patient’s pain, instead of relying on medication to “cover up” pain symptoms.

Houston Chiropractic Clinics feature a professional bilingual staff ready to treat patients for a variety of ailments.
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The chiropractor was very thorough on the day of my visit and listened about the reason for my visit, also the front office staff was very polite and eager to help me.
Andre Roy


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