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Better Posture: It’s More Important Than You Think

Everybody has had someone tell them: “Straighten up! Quit slouching!” And sure, straightening up does help you look thinner and more virile, but that’s not the only reason why you should be standing up straight. A straight spine actually improves the functioning of one’s organs and can also make less severe any chronic back pain, or any other pain for that matter.

Why Good Posture? Because Back Pain Is No Fun.

When you slouch, your rib cage presses down against your organs. This pressure results in problems with digestion. By not slouching, there is far more space between your ribs and organs. This allows your organs to work properly.

A great posture doesn’t just help with back pain, it also helps you take in deeper breaths, which significantly increases oxygen intake. Folks who hunch over give their lungs less room to fill up per breath, leading to a short-of-breathing problem.

Bettering one’s posture also helps mitigate acute neck, shoulder and/or back problems. People who slouch tend to get Upper Cross Syndrome. If a person straightens his or her spine, that person essentially retrains his or her respective body to go back to that coveted neutral spine position. A person who first tries to straighten up feels a lot of resistance. It is awkward and uncomfortable at first. But gradually, with time, the body becomes used to sitting and standing in a more upright position. Once one reaches this stage, he will have much less pain. He will have more energy. His life will improve in ways that he couldn’t really imagine.

Keys of Correct Posture

If you want to maintain a proper, straight, balanced stance, your feet should be shoulder-width apart from one another. It also helps to have the majority of your weight remain on the balls of the feet. A person’s lower back is supposed to have a mini concave-like look, but it is crucial to not bend the back backward too much. Doing so can do more damage than leaning forward. Taking the chest and making sure to puff it up a bit will cause the shoulder blades to get pushed back. If you’re wondering what the point of that is, the point is that doing this will help you develop the proper distance between the hips & ribs. And finally, by making certain that one’s chin is level and one’s jaw & neck muscles are in a relaxing position, one can really optimize his or her stance far more rapidly.

Proper posture while sitting is pivotal, especially since such a great number of people spend the preponderance of their days behind desks. The feet ought to be rested on the floor, the knees bent at ninety-degree angles. Even though crossing the legs is very comfortable and relaxing, it actually causes body-disalignment, throwing everything off and causing a lot of stress that just isn’t necessary – causing back pain among many other kinds of pain. Always remember that neutrality is important. Any strain that didn’t come about as a result of a sports injury probably resulted from poor posture. Whether it be the neck, the back, the shoulder blade, chances are, sitting behind a desk all day has negatively affected your stance in some form or fashion, and as you have read, a poor stance is going to lead to nagging pain that can at times even be intolerable. The back is supposed to be in a neutral position. Whatever you do, don’t forget: pay attention to whether or not you have that small arch that has a concave look to it. If you don’t, you are slouching. If you do, then chances are, that is the ideal position that you always want to be in.

It’s also best to remember, whether you are up on your fit or in a seat, take time out of the day to stretch and breathe. Doing so relaxes the body, and gets you in a proper stance, offsetting the slouching you’ve done throughout the day. It will take time to rid yourself of this bad habit. For many, they go on thinking that it’s no big deal. But we now know that it is. If you want your entire body to function optimally, a proper stance is a must.

How We Can Help

Now you now know why slouching can be a problem. Back pain is not fun at all. Yes, it looks bad, but it goes further than that. Those suffering from upper back pain need to first take note of their posture. Chances are great that poor posture is leading to extra strain on the back. If you’re suffering from nagging back pain, you can get in touch with our Houston chiropractors. They have helped a slew of Houstonians redevelop that proper stance, leading to healthier lives. Our chiropractors will observe and identify the main cause of the pain and will manually fix it.