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Chiropractic Clinic Houston: Hip Injury Prevention

Tight hips, though seemingly innocuous, can wreak serious havoc on the body. Many sufferers of back, knee, and/or leg pain are completely unaware that their injuries developed due to an existing condition of hip tightness and imbalance. As the typical individual lives a more sedentary life – a life demanding him or her to remain stationary for the majority of the day – it is no wonder that such a great percentage of human beings have malformation of the hips. And the more sedentary one’s life, the greater the possibility of incurring this condition.

But fortunately, Chiropractic Clinic Houston has developed a logically consistent, scientifically verifiable program for preventing hip pain. So if you are one of those individuals who wants to obviate serious injuries through a little bit of exercise, this article is for you.

Hip Pain Prevention Tips

One of the most undervalued pieces of equipment for all athletes and physical trainers is the IT band. The IT band helps one loosen up the hips, thighs, and hamstrings. We all know how professional athletes hire massage therapists to rid them of their aches and pains. There is no question that a great massage therapist plays a pivotal part in the proper physical state of an athlete. But fortunately enough, for those who do not have the luxuries of a massage therapist, the IT band can be a cheap replacement.

1. IT Band – Hip Exercise. The primary exercise that we would like for you to follow is succinctly described, not in words, but in the picture below. The woman on the purple mat is carefully placing her left him on the foam roller, and using her hands and her right leg, carefully moving back and forth. By doing this, she is massaging her left hip and tenderly breaking up any of the scar tissue that may exist.

it roller

2. IT Band – Glute Exercise. Where you’re looking to stabilize not only the hip, but the muscles around the hip, the next place to focus on is the gluteus maximus. Properly working out this region of the body can make all the difference between a week and feeble back and core, and a robust one. The exercise is succinctly described in the picture below. Make sure to position yourself just as the female and rock back slowly, so as to massage the buttocks. Just make sure you do one cheek at a time, otherwise, you could end up causing more harm than good.


With these two exercise, you can be sure to feel better in no time. But it is important to do the workouts using proper form, as failing to do so may lead to further damage. If you are uncertain how to go about doing these workouts, it is highly recommended that you consult a physical therapist or chiropractor. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston we offer all kinds of sports injury treatments in Houston. If you are in pain, and would like to see a specialist, give one of our chiropractic clinics a call. We are confident that we can help you return to solid physical condition.

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Houston Chiropractic Care

Do you have any chronic aches or pains? Has this caused the quality of your life to diminish?

We understand the degree to which poor health vitiates the overall quality of one’s life. We understand that, without proper health, it is very difficult to excel in business, relationships, and so on. Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone achieves happiness. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, our chiropractors want to, at the very least, give you the piece of mind that comes with great health. Health is necessary but not sufficient to the achievement of happiness. This means that, just because you come into our clinic, work with a top notch therapist, and get better – that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happy all of a sudden. But what we can conclude from this basic axiom is that, without health, happiness is near impossible to achieve. One can’t focus, one can’t put his or her heart into that which matters most.

Whether you need back pain treatment, spine injury treatment, or basic sports therapy, Chiropractic Clinic Houston is confident that it can help you return to good health. A bad back, neck, or spine limits one’s capacity to exercise, and we are all aware how important physical activity is to the quality of our lives. Without it, the body atrophies, and sooner or later, so does the mind. As creatures wholly dependent on our rational minds, and our capacity to differentiate and integrate the material provided by our senses, there is no doubt how integral the effective functioning of the mind is to a good life. A mind constantly concerned with one’s health and physical issues cannot focus on making integrations. The mind cannot perform without the body.

But how is this relevant to chiropractic care? The short answer: chiropractic care is effective in healing the aches and pains of the body, thus freeing up the mind to focus on other things: work, relationships, virtue, philosophy, etc – all the things that matter to the individual. Of course, health matters, but it is not the end goal. The end goal is happiness, and sufficient health gives us the ability to use our minds to focus on those things we want to achieve – the things that will bring us happiness.

In a nutshell, chiropractic care is a form of therapy for the mind as well. It’s just not immediately apparent to the layman. Chiropractic Clinic Houston is proud to have helped so many individuals return to optimal health. These individuals have thanked our team of chiropractors for assisting them in become productive functional individuals once again. Because we all know, when the body weakens, so does the mind; and when that happens, the pursuit of goals becomes that much more difficult.

Why Select Chiropractic Clinic Houston?

“Why choose Chiropractic Clinic Houston? What makes them better than any other chiropractic clinic in Harris County?” We are sure that this question has been asked by all prospective clients, if not explicitly, at the very least implicitly. And the question is a good one. Everyone wants to buy the best product or service they can afford, and that goes for chiropractic services as well. The following article is designed to offer you several reasons as to why Chiropractic Clinic Houston is the right choice to satisfy for your chiropractic needs.

In the city of Houston, there are so many chiropractors, that it becomes almost impossible to sift through every single one of them to find the best of the best. The question may always exist in the back of your head – “Perhaps there is a better clinic that my money could have afforded, right?” Of course, that is a possibility, and given the sheer number of clinics in existence, it is a near certainty. Our job, though, as chiropractors in Houston is to give you a service that is so good, that you need not concern yourself if you could have afforded better. Time and time again, our execution helps us achieve this goal, giving us one of the greatest satisfaction rates of all chiropractic clinics in Houston. So what separates us from the rest of the pack? For one, we firmly adhere to our core principles. On the continuum of practicality and principles, we lean heavily toward following principles that we built from the ground up – principles that, through the application of the scientific method, we’ve fine-tuned to such a degree that reproducible results are inevitable. With this approach, our patients have the equanimity and the belief that we will give them what they want – health. Health is among the most important aspect of our life. Good health is generally conducive to a good life, while bad health makes it more difficult to achieve the same level of happiness.

So what kind of service can you expect to get from Chiropractic Clinic Houston? The answer to this question varies, depending on your specific injury. Those with back pain – particularly lower back pain – will have to visit the chiropractor on a more regular basis, than say, those with a minor hip injury. But rest assured, regardless of the injury, Chiropractic Clinic Houston has developed a logically consistent, empirically verifiable protocol – specifically designed to help you optimize your health and return to functioning as a healthy, normal human being. We understand how dramatically one’s life can be impacted upon incurring a painful injury. We understand that, without a properly functioning body, one cannot achieve his or her maximum potential. We want you to achieve that which you most desire, and if your poor health is an obstacle, we make every effort to change your fortune and give you the body and health that you’ve always wanted.

If you are in sharp pain, and have a hunch that your life would be much better if only that pain were to dissipate into oblivion, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston suggest that you schedule a visit to meet with a professional chiropractor.

Knee Pain Doctor In Houston

Knee pain has become an epidemic and an increasingly more common problem in our society. The most common complaints are regarding osteoarthritis – colloquially referred to as wear and tear by those unfamiliar with the clinical term. Although the condition cannot be cured, measures can be taken to mitigate the damage done, helping the patient return to a normal, active life.

One of the main purposes of chiropractic care is to help the patient return to optimal health – so that the patient can once again function without experiencing debilitating pain and discomfort. The process takes quite a while, but in the long run, the investment of seeking chiropractic care has unanimously been considered worthwhile. But it is not uncommon for prospective patients to still remain on the fencing – even doubting the value and effectiveness of chiropractic care. Below, we will explicate what chiropractic care is and how it can be an effective way to improve the proper functioning of the knee, mitigating pain in the process.

A primary function of chiropractic care is designed to strengthen the surrounding muscles of the joints. The knee joint in particular is susceptible to injury; thus making it a common area of focus in chiropractic care. Chiropractic Clinic Knee Doctor Houston offers knee strengthening programs that, with time, can help return the knee to its optimal degree of functioning. How? The secret lies in the scientifically verified, logically consistent and empirical chiropractic care method of treatment. Thanks to years of experience, Doctors Clinic Houston has developed an effective program for dealing with the knee joint in particular. By first diagnosing the problem, and then following that up with a specifically tailored chiropractic care workout program, you will be better in no time.

Whether you are an athlete looking to recover from a serious sports injury, or an elderly man or woman trying to fight off the reality of old age, Chiropractic Clinic Houston can develop a program that will be sure to help you get back to where you’ve wanted to be – in a state of health and piece of mind.

Back Pain Treatment Houston

The proper functioning of the back is integral to the body’s overall health. A healthy back is conducive to maintaining health in all other parts of the body. Incur back pains, and the rest of the body is wont to deteriorate. Prevention is always better than cure, and for that reason, it is incumbent upon one’s self to maintain his or her back health. Once you start feeling pain, you haven’t necessarily reached the rubicon – it isn’t necessarily impossible to return to optimal health – but it will be a much tougher road to travel. The course of action – the time it takes to recover from back pain – is significantly greater and more arduous than following precautionary measures.

If you are looking for accomplished and experienced professionals that have the capacity to supply quality back pain treatment in Houston, then Chiropractic Clinic Houston is the choice for you. With physical therapists and chiropractic professionals that have decades of combined experience, there is no question that your back pain treatment will be taken care of by individuals with the requisite skills and knowledge. From neck, to back to even spine injury treatment, Chiropractic Clinic Houston offers its services at incredibly affordable prices. There is no question that, despite being located in a massive metropolis, Chiropractic Clinic Houston is more cost effective than any of its competitors.

You may be wondering, “What are the benefits of chiropractic care?” Many folks are not just curious, but skeptical that a chiropractor has the capacity to completely reverse back pain and return one to optimal health. Chiropractic back pain treatment is considered a fail-safe method and effective method for treating acute lower back pain. Though it is regularly considered that acute back pain is irreversible, leaving an indelible mark of pain and suffering for the rest of one’s existence, our chiropractic professionals have developed a rigorous and reproducible back pain treatment protocol for getting rid of that pain in a timely manner. Many patients have seen dramatic improvements in as little as six weeks – from being unable to walk and move properly to moving with speed, celerity and comfort.

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How to Breathe Better

You are doing it at this very moment. Oxygen is coming in, CO2 is going out. You are breathing.

The chances are, you don’t ever even think about the fact that you are breathing. You do not ponder how it actually happens – its import; its very nature. The only time you ever really give it much thought is when you are having difficulty breathing – when you are short of breath.

Although you may not necessarily be breathing wrong – and this is evident by the very fact that you are alive – there are still some benefits that come with having to focus on your breathing. Improving your breathing and employing a specific breathing technique can actually lower your blood pressure, decrease your stress, and optimize athletic performance.

Three Better Breathing Techniques

As a way to ensure that you improve your breathing techniques, Chiropractic Clinic Houston has developed a breathing protocol for all patients to follow. Whether you are at the office or at the gym, these principles were designed to help you become more productive throughout your day.

All you really need is a minute or two to do this exercise. Focusing on your breathing for just this short amount of time is enough to improve your health and stress levels.

The first thing you need to do is breathe deeply at work. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the moment while you are at work. Don’t concern yourself with the multiple tasks that you must complete by the end of the day – just focus on your breathing. Focus on inhaling all that oxygen – slowly and calmly – and then easily exhaling all the carbon dioxide. Many of the most disputatious individuals in the workplace could significantly benefit from this tactic – making them more relaxed and more of a pleasure to be around. Put one hand on your chest and another on your abdomen; breathe in slowly and feel your diaphragm push your abdomen out.

Focus during your workout warm up. Because breathing is so important when it comes to athletic performances, taking some time to focus on breathing prior to an athletic event can significantly improve your performance. It helps you focus and get in the zone. Many of the greatest athletes in the entire world take time throughout their athletic performances to take a deep breath. Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is one example. Prior to his free kicks, he takes a deep breath. He looks so focused and in the zone during the entire process, and we posit that this technique is one of the reasons why he is so good at converting shots to goals from outside the box.

Breathing during your workout. How you breathe while you are working out has a big impact on your performance. if you want to be able to life as much as possible, then you are going to have to do the prior breathing work to get yourself in the zone. To employ this technique properly, take a deep breath before you life and hold that breath while you lift. Be certain to exhale on the release. This is very important.

Chiropractor Houston: chiropractic care in Houston that is the best in the business. You cannot find a better chiropractic clinic in any part of Houston.
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How to Stay Energized at Work

Getting through the workday can be quite a challenge. The degree to which we sit for long periods of time throughout the course of any given day is unprecedented. Nowhere in human biology or nature were we designed for this. But such is the nature of society as it stands today. The vicissitudes of life, coupled with the reality that, to eat and to ultimately live, man needs to work, leads to the challenge of having to live a life composed mostly of sitting and remaining inactive. In this article, Chiropractic Clinic Houston will first make the case that an inactive life is a great threat to one’s health and vitality; and follow that up with solutions – solutions to improving one’s health despite the daily demands at work.

To cope with this reality, many turn to coffee, or sugar, or some alternative form of caffeine. These people are looking for a way to stay energized – and to a certain extent, their formula works. The coffee, the sugar, the caffeine – they all help one remain more alert. But for those who don’t want to essentially drug themselves in order to stay awake, there are other methods for staying energized at work.

Go for a walk. While on your lunch break, do your body a favor and go for a walk. Don’t sit and eat at your desk. That is just an easy way to pack on the pounds. Go out, get some fresh air; and if it’s raining, don’t let that stop you – use an umbrella. Walking is an easy and simple way to re-energize yourself. Most of us know this, but sadly, very few actually commit to the daily walk.

Get sleep. Eight hours of sleep – that is the magic number. Anything less, and you are not giving your body the rest it needs to operate at its best. Any more, and you are basically signaling to your body to go into hibernation mode – a sluggish, undesirable state that we highly recommend you stay away from. To fix your sleeping pattern – if that is a problem for you – make sure to get up early. Within a day, you will reset your cycle.

Eat a healthy lunch. This is common sense – for the most part. Of course, we all know that a quarter pounder with cheese is not that great for us. But how many are aware that even the vast majority of sandwiches from sub shops are incredibly oily and unhealthy as well? We think we are fooling ourselves by getting a footlong sub – that we are eating healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chances are, that sandwich is stuffed with fatty animal products that will only clog your arteries.

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Incorporating Fitness Into Your Busy Schedule

We all know that in the 21st century, where more and more value is placed on man’s capacity to use his mind and intellect as opposed to his body, the majority of us spend most of our waking hours inactive, sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer. Although office jobs tend to bring in loads of cash, they tend not to be so profitable in the eyes of the body. At the Chiropractic Clinic Houston, our chiropractors have studied the effects of prolonged sitting on the body; the results have just come in, and are not so promising. According to Chiropractic Clinic studies, sitting for up to eight hours a day increases one’s chances of developing type 2 diabetes. The reason: prolonged sitting causes muscles to burn less fat, and this leads to poorer blood flow in the body. Besides just type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, other studies, in aggregate, have now found that up to 24 diseases develop as a result of physical inertness. This is terrible news for most Americans – the nation that spends more waking hours in chairs than any other.

What can be done about this? How can the health conscious individuals optimize their health without giving up their high-paying, white-collared job? Our Chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have composed a list of what can be done.

  • Get up from your chair at least once every hour. Some studies have shown that getting up from one’s desk once every hour to move around for just a few minutes can increase overall blood flow and prevent the body from burning fat more sluggishly. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston beseech all of our patients to make sure they get up, stretch, and take a nice, slow, walk around the office once every forty-five minutes. Some think this is not possible, as the demands to perform well at work are too high, and two minutes walking is two minutes not working. However, if one thinks long-term, if one takes into account the value of staying healthy and vigorous, one can easily conclude that the two minute investment is well worth it.
  • Walk to work. This may be difficult for most individuals, particularly those living in Houston, where commutes are long and the streets and public infrastructure are egregious. Yet, if it is possible, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston exhort folks to walk to work. If it means waking up thirty minutes earlier, it may appear like too pricy of an investment, but again, in the long-term it’s like giving up peanuts for the most important thing in your life, your physical well-being.
  • Take a walk in the local park during lunch hour. The majority of us do get one hour off to eat lunch. Use that time wisely. Take your food to go and eat it while walking in the park. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s smart. Our Chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston seem to take walks religiously – almost compulsively. We know that walking is healthy for us, and, being that we care so much about health, we try to get as much walking done in our lives as possible.
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How Texting Is Negatively Affecting Our Neck and Posture

Beep, beep beep! Our smart phones are constantly going off with text alerts. Our friends, relatives, and coworkers are communicating with us via text chat or email. Although reading and responding to a text doesn’t take that long, we are sending hundreds and thousands of texts per day, all while looking down. This all adds up. The average smart phone user spends anywhere from two to four hours looking at down at their smart phone. This makes close to 1400 hours of stress on the cervical spine per year. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston are committed to sharing the most cutting-edge research on how much damage we are doing to our necks by constantly looking down.

Stress on One’s Spine

One cannot continue to look down at his or her phone for two to four hours per day. A lot of wear and tear is occurring as a result; it is making people ill and affecting their posture.
The average head weight 11 pounds. That certainly is a ton of weight that must be handled by the neck. But if we add an angle as we look down, we are adding even more stress on our necks. At zero degrees, there’s only about 12 pounds of pressure; this is tolerable. But at a 15 degree downward slant, there is a whopping 27 lbs. That is an increase of over one hundred percent! This is no good and we must all be very vigilant as to how often we look down.

Over time, the neck is going to get weaker and weaker, and as it does, one will begin to slouch. This is going to lead to a very unbecoming posture – something we all want to avoid. But the problem is, do we give up our smart phones or do we live with bad posture? Fortunately, this is a false dichotomy. There is much that can be done to help one improve his or her posture. It takes great time, and great effort, but thankfully it can be done.

Treating Neck Problems

Contrary to popular belief, the neck can be strengthened. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed an incredibly useful and effective strengthening program specifically for the neck. You can get an idea of what sort of exercises you will be doing by reading our article on neck strengthening exercises. From the Chiropractic Clinic resisted neck lateral flexion exercise to the simple resisted neck tension exercise, our chiropractors will put you to work – and will promise to deliver fantastic results.

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Patellar Tendinitis

Patellar tendinitis affects the tendon that attaches one’s kneecap, known as the patella, to one’s shinbone. This tendon plays a crucial role in the way one’s leg muscles work. Without it, kicking, running, jumping, would not be possible.

A great many athletes that play sports requiring jumping develop tendinitis. This is why patellar tendinitis is also, in common parlance, called jumper’s knee.

Symptoms of Jumper’s Knee

The first sign of jumper’s knee is pain – a lot of it. The pain is generally located on the tendon between one’s kneecap and shinbone. For many, they feel as though their knee is going to give out any second. A sport such as basketball is just not possible when you have an injury of this sort. There is just far too much pain. So, for those that are athletes, particularly basketball players – if you are experiencing a lot of pain in the region between your kneecap and shinbone, and your performance is dipping faster than a the appearance and disappearance of a shooting star, then, chances are, you have patellar tendinitis.

From here, the pain gradually gets worse and worse – and it will continue to get worse until and unless one seeks treatment. That is why, at Chiropractic Clinic Houston, our chiropractors beseech all who experience uncomfortable knee pain to get chiropractic treatment. Without treatment, the pain will get so bad that, at some point, simply climbing a flight of stairs will become impossible.

Causes of Jumper’s Knee

When continuous stress is placed on one’s patellar tendon, jumper’s knee begins to develop. The stress causes tiny tears in the knee. These tears vitiate the structure of the knee – making daily physical activities more of a challenge.

Another factor resulting in the development of jumper’s knee is a sudden increase in the intensity or frequency of physical activity. For that reason, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston exhort all to take it easy when returning to physical activity. Our chiropractors also enjoin athletes to do dynamic stretches prior to vigorous and demanding workouts.

Our Chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston

Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed a specialized treatment protocol to help reverse patellar tendinitis pain and damage. This fine-tuned treatment protocol has successfully helped countless college and professional athletes return to optimal form.

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