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Hip Exercises for Improving Posture

If you are like most folks in today’s economy, you spend the majority of your day seated and inert. You sit at your kitchen table, you sit in your SUV, you sit at your desk at work, you sit in your SUV once again, and then you end up sitting on your futon, watching TV until you snooze off. Our Houston chiropractors here at Chiropractic Clinic Houston beseech all to get off their behinds and begin working out on a regular basis – ideally, every single day. Specifically, our chiropractors recommend focusing on the hips – making sure that they are strengthened and limber. This is incredibly important if one wants to maintain a healthy posture; and so, it follows that it is necessary to incorporate hip workouts into one’s workout routine.

Staying seated for such a great amount of time is deleterious to your health. It’s common knowledge. People know that it weakens the muscles and increases the chances of getting injured. People know that it sheds years off one’s life. But unfortunately, not enough people take action to reverse the trend of remaining inert and seated all day. Massive action is needed. Being cognizant of the facts is not enough. Yes, it is true that the hips get tight when you stay seated for so long. It is true that the IT band begins to act up and give you problems. People do realize that this causes nagging knee pains that can haunt one’s life for decades. And that’s not all. One’s posture is also negatively affected from staying seated over a great length of time. Sooner or later, one’s neck and back begin to ache due to this.

Making sure to loosen the hips can help combat some of these issues. Why? Because when the hips are loose and in great condition, the back isn’t stressed. When the back is not stressed, one’s posture is not altered so dramatically. The hunch begins to go away.

A standing desk is something that our Houston chiropractic clinic strongly recommends. By standing, your muscles are not inert. They are all active and in use.

If a standing desk isn’t something that you can get a hold of, or if it’s just not possible for you to stand while doing your job at work, dedicate time for walks around your work facility throughout the day. Every hour, get up and walk for two minutes. If you can go outside and get some sunshine, even better. Vitamin D is incredibly important. And not getting enough of it can negatively affect one’s health.

Whenever you can manage to get a break at work, or whenever you’re watching the ball game at home, take a minute or two to do the following simple exercises to loosen your hips:

  • Leg Swings: Hold onto something for balance – perhaps a counter or staircase. Swing one of your legs backwards and forwards as high and as far back as you conceivably can. Do this as many times as possible, aiming for at least 20 leg swings each time. After you’re done doing this, swing your legs to the side. Again, aim for at least 20, or until you feel fatigued and can’t do anymore.
  • Grok Squat: This squat resembles a baseball catcher’s squat. Just squat down until your bottom makes contact with your ankles. Make sure that your heels are firmly planted on the ground and that you are not leaning forward. Keeping the backs straight is difficult for most, but it imperative to make the effort to do so. You don’t want to get injured during any one of these exercises, and it just so happens that a lot of people aggravate their back pains when they do this exercise without following the proper form.
  • Table Pigeon Pose: Place one leg on a table with the other knee bent at a ninety degree angle. Then, place one of your hands on the table and use the other hand to grasp your foot laying on the table. Lean forward and hold this pose for up to a minute. If you feel really motivated, try and go for a minute and a half, but no longer than that. Too much many do more harm than good. This is an incredibly powerful exercise that many individuals consider the bread and butter of their hip exercises. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.

These three are enough to get one’s posture back to where it should have been – limber and upright. Do each of these exercises every single day, preferably in the morning after one gets up. Within sixty days, you will notice the difference and start seeing results.