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How to Maintain A Healthy Lower Back

The purpose of this article is not to treat folks who have lower back pain. Rather, it is a prevention guide – for those who want to avoid developing any such pain. Seventy-five percent of the population has lower back problems. Many people sit behind a desk for the majority of the day. This results in weakening of the lower back and an improper posture, which can result in back pain in the future. To counteract this less than ideal posture, lower back exercises are paramount. And the good news is that they are exercises that don’t necessarily need incredibly expensive machines. When the hips are flexed at a ninety-degree angle, our lower back takes the form of a huge C. The exercises that our Houston chiropractors are going to share will help to mitigate the damage done by the development of this massive C shaped lower back posture. Essentially, you want to maintain spinal flexibility. You want to stretch the shorter muscles, as well as strengthen the weak muscles affecting the spine and hips. Practically all competent chiropractors in Houston recommend exercising the lower back on a regular basis – at least once every other day.

The maintenance of a healthy lower back demands repetitive exercises that balance your movements. This is incredibly important. Folks who don’t deign do these exercises will struggle in their later years. The older they get, the weaker their back will get, and the harder it will be to return to a state of lower back stability. Stability is the magic word here. To get into tip-top shape, one needs to keep stability in mind. The best and only exercise you really need to do is the trunk lift. The trunk lift, not to be confused with the lower ab stretch, is an exercise that strengthens the lower back. Lay flat on your belly and lift your chest and neck up from the floor. Do this as many times as possible, but make sure you stop if you feel any sort of pain. Sometimes your back posture can get so messed up that any sort of peculiar movement can cause terrible pain. Of course, if the pain is fairly innocuous, then it is suggested to keep going. It will take several months before one sees any noticeable improvements. Hopefully the slow progress won’t cause anyone to throw in the towel. Sometimes folks can get discouraged if they don’t see any changes right away. Our Houston chiropractors beseech everyone to not give up so early. This is a matter of remaining physically healthy late in one’s life vs. feeble, listless, and in a state of dotage.

The aforementioned exercise is done by practically every professional athlete. The soccer players, the football players, even the baseball players spend a lot of time strengthening the lower back. The reason for this is that once tha lower back gives in, so will the rest of the body. One cannot perform at a high level if his or her back is in great pain. If that happens, then these players won’t even be able to play. If they can’t play, they may not get the best contracts possible. But for the rest of us, the contract stuff isn’t necessarily that important. What is most important is remaining happy in our lives. It’s definitely hard to remain happy if one’s health is deteriorating. That is why the said exercise is of utmost importance.

If you have back pain, make an effort to find a health care provider who employs a multi-disciplinary approach. You want him or her to grok how and when to employ the following treatment protocols: a hands-on treatment of soft tissue, spinal joint mobilization techniques, and strengthening and rehabilitation exercises for the appropriate muscle groups. Don’t put this off. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to get. In order to stay healthy and active, one’s weakest link must become his or her strongest.