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The Issue With Sitting

The sedentary life has nearly become a universal norm in America. And with the growing demand for desk jobs – jobs that require professionals to remain glued to a chair all day – this norm looks like it is here to stay. This poses a major problem for the health of our people. It has been out in the open for years now: prolonged inactivity ruins organ health and weakens the muscles. Hunching over that keyboard for hours on end can kill one’s posture, leading not only to aches and pains, but contributing to major health problems over time. In this article, our expert chiropractors have taken some time to break down the specifics of why sitting is terrible for man’s health. Hopefully this article inspires the indolent office worker to get off his rear end and into a gym.

Why Sitting Is a Problem

Egregious Posture. Take a look at your average computer programmer. Notice their posture. Chances are, they have a hunch, with a neck that sticks out a bit.
Now beside it being unattractive and unprepossessing, it’s important to note that this posture can lead to imbalances in the neck that can build up over time, causing chronic neck and spinal pain. You don’t want that, do you? If you don’t, weight training and stretching can be a fantastic way to combat this problem.

Organ Damage. Think about all the stress you are putting on your organs when you remain inactive and indolent. Sitting all day slows down the process of blood flow, leading to high cholesterol and blood pressure. Idle muscles don’t respond very well to insulin, and so, the pancreas has to work extra hard to pump out more and more insulin as a compensatory mechanism. This overwork can lead to diabetes and other nefarious diseases. So get up, move around, don’t sit all day, for it is ruining your health.

Weakened Muscles. This is common sense, folks. The less you use your muscles, the weaker they become. Sit all day, and watch the your quads and hamstrings vitiate into a poorer and weaker form. But what is less common sense is that, when you sit for a very long time, and then get up to walk, certain muscles have to work extra hard to compensate for the weakened muscles. This leads to a serious imbalance that can lead to major injuries, like meniscus and Achilles tears.


So what can we do about this? What is the solution? If we are forced to sit in an office all day, how can be combat the deleterious effects of sitting? The answer is simple, and our doctors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston beseech everyone to listen closely: exercise, exercise, exercise. Yes, it is that simple, folks. Just make sure you move around a lot. If you can, work standing up, or on a treadmill desk. It is totally worth the investment. You will save all that money in the long run by not having to go to the doctor’s office as often. After work, hit the gym. Lift weights, stretch, get a little run in. Back pain treatment in Houston is expensive, but we will make sure to offer the services for an affordable price.

As long as you remain active, as long as you move around enough to get your muscles working again, you will not experience the deleterious effects of prolonged sitting. So please, make sure you give your body what it needs!