JAMA’s Revelation: Your Back Needs to See the Chiropractor, Not A Surgeon!

An across-the-board change in the approach to treating back pain may be right on the horizon. The Journal of the Medical Association has suggested that individuals suffering from acute and long-lasting back pain should phone their local chiropractor prior to even thinking about going the surgical route. Surgery ought only to be considered if the less invasive and extreme measures don’t get the job done. JAMA swears by the effectiveness of chiropractic care for treating back ailments and is now beseeching skeptics to, at the very least, give a chiropractor just one visit before writing the practice off as some sort of mischievous quackery.

The Spine Journal shared a fairly new study that further corroborates JAMA’s claims that chiropractic care is the way to go. In this particular study, folks suffering from back pain were all given standard medical care, but fifty percent of the participants were given additional chiropractic care. The results showed that in patients receiving standard medical care along with chiropractic care, nearly 3 out of 4 reported that their pain ceased to exist. Only 17% of the folks receiving just the standard medical care could say the same about their back pain.

There are different ranges of back pain, some minor, some much more severe. And this difference in severity depends mostly on whether or not a disc bulges out and throws everything else off balance, putting added pressure on the nearby protruding nerves.

A chiropractor will help you keep your back in balance – for many, warding off the nagging discomfort in the process. This precludes the need to go out and take invasive measures such as surgery – which should only ever be a final resort, given that there is such a high possibility that the surgery only intensifies the pain. To anyone reading this who has either experienced back pain or who continues to experience back pain, please take JAMA’s advice and reach out to your local chiropractor . Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised as to the results following your visit.