Neck Strengthening Exercises

In an intense sport like mixed martial arts, incorporating not only wrestling, but jiujitsu as well, the neck is extremely susceptible to injury. The aphorism “where the neck goes, the body follows” is an aphorism for a reason. So many professional MMA fighters, from George St. Pierre, to Anderson Silva, to Brock Lesnar, have had to deal with neg problems throughout their illustrious careers. It goes to show you that even the strongest of men, the most robust bodies, are susceptible to injuries as well. Our Houston chiropractors have designed a program tailor-made to reverse even the most chronic neck pain symptoms.

There are several simple exercises that will help athletes prevent neck pain, making the neck not only stronger, but also more flexible. Performing each one of these exercises ten times for four rounds, every other day, is essential to building the robust neck you’ve always wanted.

  • Resisted Neck Tension: A great exercise to help with neck pain. The resisted neck extension exercises is not as difficult as the resisted neck flexion exercise, and for that reason, doing it first is a great way to loosen the neck muscle up. Sit on the ground and place your hands behind your head. Push your head forward with your hands and try to move your head backward. Do this at least ten times; preferably, as many times as you can until you feel the burn.
  • Resisted Neck Flexion: This is a great workout. By far one of the most effective neck workouts to date. It isn’t easy though, so one must be careful with this exercise. Sometimes folks have overdone the workout and hurt their necks in the process. Sit on the ground and put your hands on your forehead. Push your head backward with your hands and move your head forward. The goal is to prevent your head from getting pushed back, strengthening your neck in the process. Repeat until you get sore.
  • Resisted Neck Lateral Flexion: Again, this exercise is absolutely invaluable. Sit on the ground and put your right hand on the right side of your head. Keep your neck relaxed. Push your head into your hand. Do this at least ten times, or until you feel the burn. Then switch and do the same thing for the left side of your neck.