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How to Stay Energized at Work

Getting through the workday can be quite a challenge. The degree to which we sit for long periods of time throughout the course of any given day is unprecedented. Nowhere in human biology or nature were we designed for this. But such is the nature of society as it stands today. The vicissitudes of life, coupled with the reality that, to eat and to ultimately live, man needs to work, leads to the challenge of having to live a life composed mostly of sitting and remaining inactive. In this article, Chiropractic Clinic Houston will first make the case that an inactive life is a great threat to one’s health and vitality; and follow that up with solutions – solutions to improving one’s health despite the daily demands at work.

To cope with this reality, many turn to coffee, or sugar, or some alternative form of caffeine. These people are looking for a way to stay energized – and to a certain extent, their formula works. The coffee, the sugar, the caffeine – they all help one remain more alert. But for those who don’t want to essentially drug themselves in order to stay awake, there are other methods for staying energized at work.

Go for a walk. While on your lunch break, do your body a favor and go for a walk. Don’t sit and eat at your desk. That is just an easy way to pack on the pounds. Go out, get some fresh air; and if it’s raining, don’t let that stop you – use an umbrella. Walking is an easy and simple way to re-energize yourself. Most of us know this, but sadly, very few actually commit to the daily walk.

Get sleep. Eight hours of sleep – that is the magic number. Anything less, and you are not giving your body the rest it needs to operate at its best. Any more, and you are basically signaling to your body to go into hibernation mode – a sluggish, undesirable state that we highly recommend you stay away from. To fix your sleeping pattern – if that is a problem for you – make sure to get up early. Within a day, you will reset your cycle.

Eat a healthy lunch. This is common sense – for the most part. Of course, we all know that a quarter pounder with cheese is not that great for us. But how many are aware that even the vast majority of sandwiches from sub shops are incredibly oily and unhealthy as well? We think we are fooling ourselves by getting a footlong sub – that we are eating healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Chances are, that sandwich is stuffed with fatty animal products that will only clog your arteries.