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Strong Bones for a Healthy Body

The bones are the building blocks of the body; they give the body its foundation. One’s muscles, tendons and ligaments are anchored to one’s bones; they are the linchpin that provide order and stability. They also produce vital blood cells. In brief, the bones supply incredibly important nutrients to an individual’s entire body.

Between the ages of 35 and 40, one’s bones start to break down a lot faster than they rebuild. This is a problem that can lead to easy fractures – clearly an undesirably occurrence. For this reason, it absolutely important to implement daily practices to maintain and improve bone strength.

Strengthening Bones: How To Do It

Calcium + Vitamin D: It’s commonly known that calcium is incredibly important for bone strength, but most individuals are not cognizant of the fact that calcium needs to be combined with vitamin D to best absorb into the digestive tract. It is indeed best to try to get close to or over 1,000 milligrams through food each day. Food like milk, cheese, and other dairy items are high in calcium. If dairy isn’t quite your thing, foods such as kale, tahini, and almonds are also high in calcium and vitamin D. Grass-fed dairy is better than the commercial products you get in the grocery store. A lot of research has gone into how raw, grass-fed milk is a lot better for the body. Even though it might be a bit more expensive, it is worth it in the long run. Your bones and your whole body will thank you for choosing to go with the grass-fed, raw and organic dairy products. Many of our patients who come for sports therapy are now kicking themselves for having not gone grass-fed; the decision to forgo grass-fed has resulted in weaker bones.
Get MovingAmong the most important practices that leads to a better bone density is the simple activity of movement. Keep moving! Run, jump, skip, climb, crawl – do whatever it takes! Do what you need to do in order to strengthen not only your muscles, but your bones. One of the benefits of weight lifting that is often overlooked is the strengthening of bone density that comes along with doing the exercises. Often times, people think they are only working out their muscles. But that is not true. In reality, you are doing more good for your bones than for your muscles.

You want strong bones. You want to be strong. Make sure you eat your calcium and your vitamin D, and make sure you get enough sun, and make sure you exercise. This is the recipe, the blueprint, that will give you the results you want.