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How Texting Is Negatively Affecting Our Neck and Posture

Beep, beep beep! Our smart phones are constantly going off with text alerts. Our friends, relatives, and coworkers are communicating with us via text chat or email. Although reading and responding to a text doesn’t take that long, we are sending hundreds and thousands of texts per day, all while looking down. This all adds up. The average smart phone user spends anywhere from two to four hours looking at down at their smart phone. This makes close to 1400 hours of stress on the cervical spine per year. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston are committed to sharing the most cutting-edge research on how much damage we are doing to our necks by constantly looking down.

Stress on One’s Spine

One cannot continue to look down at his or her phone for two to four hours per day. A lot of wear and tear is occurring as a result; it is making people ill and affecting their posture.
The average head weight 11 pounds. That certainly is a ton of weight that must be handled by the neck. But if we add an angle as we look down, we are adding even more stress on our necks. At zero degrees, there’s only about 12 pounds of pressure; this is tolerable. But at a 15 degree downward slant, there is a whopping 27 lbs. That is an increase of over one hundred percent! This is no good and we must all be very vigilant as to how often we look down.

Over time, the neck is going to get weaker and weaker, and as it does, one will begin to slouch. This is going to lead to a very unbecoming posture – something we all want to avoid. But the problem is, do we give up our smart phones or do we live with bad posture? Fortunately, this is a false dichotomy. There is much that can be done to help one improve his or her posture. It takes great time, and great effort, but thankfully it can be done.

Treating Neck Problems

Contrary to popular belief, the neck can be strengthened. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed an incredibly useful and effective strengthening program specifically for the neck. You can get an idea of what sort of exercises you will be doing by reading our article on neck strengthening exercises. From the Chiropractic Clinic resisted neck lateral flexion exercise to the simple resisted neck tension exercise, our chiropractors will put you to work – and will promise to deliver fantastic results.