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How to Treat Heel Spurs

Heel spurs: deposits of calcium, located at the bottom of the heel bone. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? More often than not, it is. And it can become so intolerable, that walking becomes downright impossible. But pain is not always an indication that a heel spur exists. Sometimes, even with a heel spur, you won’t feel the slightest tincture of discomfort. This can make things difficult to diagnose. Pain is not a necessary component of the existence of a heel spur.

One of the clues that seems to give evidence to the existence of a heel spur, is the existence of plantar fasciitis. So if you do have plantar fasciitis, get yourself checked for heel spurs as well.

The chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston take heel spurs very seriously. They can really limit one’s mobility and lead to a poor quality of life. While heel spurs may result in chronic pain, or may not result in any pain at all, often times, the mere act of walking, jogging, or exercising can incite inflammation and result in intermittent pain.

Traditional treatment for heel spurs can involve shoe inserts, strapping and physical therapy. The chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston employ a physical therapy regimen that has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals with heel spurs. What protocol is followed to heal heel spurs? It depends on how bad the heel spur is. In severe cases, surgery is necessary. This is unfortunate, and definitely not preferable. But if surgery is not needed, heel raise exercises are the bread and butter of healing. Each chiropractor at this wondrous clinic will do whatever it takes to help you avoid something so invasive.