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Exercise for Better Health

There’s no question about it – exercise is good for you. But how much? And what kind? These are the questions we are going to explore in this article. We hope to break down the tenor of our arguments, so that they become easily understandable.

In short, any sort of exercise is good for you. Houston chiropractors have long touted exercise to be one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy body.

If you live a sedentary life, you are in trouble. Recent studies have shown that prolonged sitting is just as bad as smoking. That is scary, as many Americans sit around in an office all day, then sit in their cars for an hour or so, and then go home and sit down on the couch to watch some TV.

It’s a sad state, but it is the reality, and that is what we focus on here at Chiropractic Clinic Houston. That which is true.

So basically, if you want to remain healthy, or get healthy, you need to start moving. It is wisest to choose a form of exercise which you enjoy.

If you like playing tennis, then go find a friend who likes tennis as well. The two of you can break a sweat or two while doing something that you love.

If you like hiking, and happen to live in a hilly area, then by all means, go do that.

The options are not limited to one or two things. You can go out there and do exactly what you love to do, and then become a better person because of it.

You will feel better about your health, you will feel better about your looks, and you will be more vivacious and gregarious because of it. How awesome it that?

In my eyes, too awesome. And our chiropractors tend to agree. With a commitment to self-responsibility, with a commitment to taking massive action, and with a commitment to doing what is best for the body, you can develop into an incredibly healthy, incredibly happy person. Keep at it, or get some help from our chiropractors here at Chiropractic Clinic Houston. As long as you do what is necessary, as long as you stay committed, you will be in great shape. We promise.

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Lifting Weights for Better Health

Health is important. I’m sure you know that – and so we are not going to provide an exposition on that subject, as that would be beating a dead horse. But what we would like to do is break down one of the best ways to maintain optimal health. I think that is a lot more constructive, focused and actionable. Hopefully you agree.

Chiropractic Clinic Houston has long been known for its top notch chiropractors. The chiropractors here not only have years of experience, but they put in more hours on a daily basis than anyone else in the field. That is quite impressive, given that, in general, the more experienced you become, the more tasks you delegate, thus freeing up more time. Not the case with this clinic, and here is why.

The chiropractors here are cognizant of the important of physical training. In fact, they have their own Houston Sports Injury facility, which can be found by going to the contact page of this website. All locations offer top notch sports therapy, so if you sprain your ankle, or tweak your knee or something along those lines, then no worries, you’ll have the best of the best there to help you out.

But one thing you will notice when you come to one of these clinics is that the doctors thoroughly discuss the important of lifting weights and physical training. Metaphorically, they like to teach people how to fish, not just feed them a fish for a day. And that is why they break down the process, the blueprint for maintaining a strong, robust body.

Physical training will keep you in shipshape. And people who are in shape are much happier with their lives. They feel active, they feel young, they feel nimble and able to do the things that are fun and enjoyable, like hiking, biking, and playing sports.

If you are an overweight, out of shape, millenial, you will especially benefit from Chiropractic Clinic Houston care. The chiropractors love helping the young people out, and want to leave their legacy. By teaching the young how to take care of their body, they are improving their and their children’s generation.

It is a win-win situation, and we are proud to be a part of something so special.

The Prevalence of Lower Back Pain

To the sufferers of lower back pain, know this: you are not alone. Close to twelve million Americans reported having experienced acute lower back pain for an extended period of time. This is becoming an incredibly severe issue, particularly in the elderly. For many fifty and sixty year olds, their capacity to move and be active has diminished significantly, and the primary reason for that is, you guessed it, back pain. When the back goes, so does the body. That is why our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston stress the important of back pain prevention. Fortunately, our chiropractors have developed a logically consistent, empirically verifiable workout protocol to help obviate back pain problems.

Ironically, a very common cause of back pain is stress. When you are stressed, your body does not operate at its best. The body tightens up; it’s no longer loose and nimble. And this stiffness, coupled with a jerky movement that puts stress on the back, can cause severe back pain. Whether you are raising kids, working long, arduous hours at a corporate job, or just doing a lot of stuff around the house, be careful for your back – make sure you are not super stressed, for if you are, there may be a big time problem looming just around the corner. No matter your age, back pain can significantly diminish the quality of your life. This may seem obvious, but for many youngsters, who feel invincible, the thought of being bridled by a back injury is almost unfathomable. But believe it or not, many young teens and twenty year olds need chiropractic care as well.

Because prevention is better than cure, we highly recommend that you make sure to do these three things: limit the stress in your life, refuse to pick up very heavy objects, particularly if you are not in shape, and stay active. If you follow these three chiropractic rules, you are more likely to obviate lower back pain. Also, another thing that ends up causing severe back pain is a sagging mattress. Sleeping on an old, decrepit mattress can indeed cause one’s back to give out. The harder the mattress, the better – so keep that in mind the next time you are shopping for one.

If you are one of those twelve million Americans who is experiencing mild to severe back pain, it is time to see a chiropractor. Keep in mind, though, that curing back pain takes a lot of time and effort. It is not for the lazy, or the procrastinators, or the people who are impatient. You’ve got to come in, each and every day, and work hard, with the mindset that things will change, that things will improve and that this back pain will, one day, go away. If you are up for the task, then our chiropractors think that we can help you get back to optimal health. We’d love to work with you. With our skill and expertise, expect to get the best back pain treatment in all of Houston.

Sports Injury Houston

Those who have developed back pain because of a sports injury are also welcome. Generally, if you are athletic, you can return to optimal health. It may seem obvious to most, but for the layman, who hasn’t studied chiropractic care, it may not be so clear. Athletes will improve if they work hard. Period.

Auto Accident Injury Houston

If you are one of those folks who was in great shape, and was experiencing absolutely no pain until having been in a car accident, then we are the people for you. It doesn’t even matter how old you are – if you are experiencing lots and lots of pain, come see us. We will help.

Affordable Sports Therapy In Houston

Chiropractic Clinic Houston offers professional, professional chiropractic services in the city of Houston. And their Houston sports therapy services are among the most coveted in the market. With many decades of combined experience, the crew of chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed a logically consistent, empirically verifiable method for dealing with all sorts of sports related injuries. In less than a few months time, you can expect to significantly improve the state of your injury. Many of the clinic’s patients have touted them as the best sports and physical therapists in all of Houston.

If you are strapped for cash, struggling to make a living, and afraid that working with a sports therapist will be far too expensive and costly, do not worry – Chiropractic Clinic Houston will make sure to offer its services at the market’s most affordable rates. The chiropractors here practice empathic communication and want to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. If that means offering services that are both agreeable and affordable, then that it what they will do. Hopefully you are not injured, and are functioning optimally, but if you are not, come to the clinic and take care of your needs. It’s worth the investment, and will help you get back to the top from a physical standpoint.

These days, if you do not have insurance, it will cost you an arm and a leg to take care of your health needs. This is just far too economically crippling for the average man living in the United States. Some head overseas to take care of their needs, others just forgo treatment altogether, hoping that they will return to normal in due time. Many don’t know that there are alternatives, though. One trip to Chiropractic Clinic Houston may disabuse them that top notch, affordable healthcare doesn’t exist in this country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although the number of top notch chiropractic clinics are infinitesimal, they do exist. Chiropractic Clinic Houston is one of them – and the clinic is very proud to achieved such wonderful work in such little time.

Sports Therapy In Houston

Chiropractic Clinic Houston offers some of the best sports therapy services in the country. And this isn’t just coming from us. A bevy of famous athletes – athletes who have traveled all across the world and played in numerous cities – have mentioned how impressed they were with our services, facilities and compassion. Straight from the horse’s mouth, folks – the professionals have no reason to prevaricate or stretch the truth. We are grateful for their feedback and are thundering on to improve our services to become the most well-known chiropractic clinic to exist. We understand that it is a colossal goal, but that is what we shoot for here at Chiropractic Clinic Houston, the largest and most worthwhile goals.

Sports therapy came into existence decades ago, and our chiropractors became incredibly interested in the discipline from the moment they learned about it. With many years of combined experience, they have developed into skilled and adept professionals, eager to help you treat your injury. From shoulder pain to knee injuries, Chiropractic Clinic Houston is here to help. And best of all, the protocol our crew has developed is not only rigorous, but fun. We try to make recovering from an injury as easy as possible. Of course, it is not easy at all, but by incorporating exciting activities like goal setting and games, the process becomes that much more enjoyable.

Knee injuries are no joke. A knee injury can not only ruin someone’s athletic career, but can be a huge detriment to their vocation as well. With a bum knee, one loses mobility. And blue collared workers who need to pick heavy things up, crouch down to fix pipes, climb ladders to install lighting, will not be able to function at their best. In fact, they might not be able to do the job at all with a bad knee. Chiropractic Clinic Houston is very sensitive about this, and wants to make sure every individual relying on their body to make a living gets the proper treatment so that they can go to work and offer value to the world.

If you would like to know more about how our services can help you, contact our clinic. Our receptionists are cordial, hospitable and very passionate about helping others.

Chiropractic Clinic Houston – Weight Loss

Weight loss – achieving it is by no means a mystery. The formula is simple; in fact, so simple that practically everyone could tell you what to do: burn more calories than you consume. Though it is not always easy – given the degree of commitment and discipline required to shed those unwanted pounds – hundreds of thousands are successful in their pursuit to becoming a slimmer version of themselves.

However, the sad truth is that the vast majority of individuals who lose the weight do not keep the weight off. Unfortunately, after one loses a significant amount of weight, his body learns to use calories in a more efficient manner, thereby burning less throughout any given day. The reason for this is that a slimmer individual has less body mass using the energy.

Chiropractor Houston – Exercising to Keep the Weight Off

Chiropractic Center Houston has developed several scientifically rigorous case studies – indicating that, as an individual slims down, he will also burn fewer calories than when he did when he was heavier. This is why so many people end up packing on those same unwanted pounds once again. But it’s not all doom and gloom! Every chiropractor at Chiropractic Clinic Houston has a significant amount of experience tailoring individual exercise routines to ensure that the weight stays off.

Chiropractic Clinic Houston – Weight Training for Weight Loss

Incorporating weight training into one’s regular workout routine can be a magnificent way to obviate any unwanted weight gain. Combined with a bit of aerobic exercise, it can be the silver bullet – the solution to remaining slim and fit forever. It is incredibly important to keep and build one’s lean muscle tissue – not just to look strong and muscular, but to trim down as well. Every pound of new muscle burns approximately forty calories per day. And so, if you add ten pounds of lean muscle to your frame, you will burn up to four hundred extra calories daily! That means you will lose one pound every single week!
Whether your conscious is catching up to you, and you feel as though you absolutely need to make a significant change in your life, or you just want to look trimmer and more attractive, committing to our weight loss solution can help you achieve results that will transform your life. Weight loss is not easy. It takes lots of time and effort and commitment. With our help, we will keep you committed and will hold you accountable for your weight. It won’t be easy, but it will be well worth the time and cost.

The Chiropractic Guide to a Healthy Body

We all know that working out is good for us, but not everyone is familiar with what sort of workout is most conducive to developing a healthy, robust body. In this article, our Houston chiropractors are going to show you what it takes to develop a strong, robust, healthy body – and it doesn’t just start and end in the gym; there are many other components to maximizing muscle mass. Please read below to find out the truth.

1. Lower Your Level of Overall Stress

High stress levels can do a lot of damage to your body – there is no questions about that. It has been proven that high stress elevates cortisol levels, thereby activating one’s flight or fight response and raising glucocorticoids. What does this do? In short, it interferes with testosterone and growth hormone productions, limiting muscle growth and increasing belly fat. If you want to be fit and lean, then you can’t afford to be super stressed.

2. Sleep Longer

Lack of sleep can cause all kinds of problems. It can be a cause of rapid aging, making you look much older than your age. It can also reduce the recovery time of injuries, making it harder for you to go about your daily activities. And it can even be a cause for the loss of muscle mass, which, particularly for men, is not a good thing. So what to do? Well, it’s best to cut caffeine, particularly after mid-day; it’s important to cut out alcohol completely, and it’s advised to avoid fluorescent lights late at night. Try getting off your phone while in bed, and, instead pick up a book. You will fall asleep faster, and that will help you a lot in the long run.

Lift Weights

Lifting weighst will help sculpt your body. You will look strong, you will look lean, and you will look virile. All these are important for maintaining a strong and health body, as well as a strong and health mind. The better you look, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the better your life. When your life is great, you are more open to spontaneity; you are more open to going out and experimenting and trying new things, meeting new people, adopting new hobbies. This, in turn, will result in a healthier, more active lifestyle. It’s like a recurring cycle that feeds on itself.

About Chiropractic Clinic Houston

Do you have back pain? Are you not feeling your best? Well, our chiropractors can help you feel and look your best. Come in for a short visit and see what we can do. Our services are affordable and fun – a great one-two punch that’ll keep you excited about coming in, and not scared. Give it a shot, and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

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Setting Up An Exercise Program – Revisited

For thousands of years, the human being was an active species, spending a great majority of his day trekking across great lengths to either gather food and water, build shelter, or collect valuables like gold and so on. This high level of activity kept man’s body in relatively fair shape. Injuries and physical structural impairments were not as commonplace as they are now. Of course, you are aware that today, in the 21st century, most men, on average, spend up seventy to ninety-five percent of their day sitting – inert and inactive. This has resulted in far more injuries and far more physical complications than the more primitive man – the one who went hunting, and fishing, and mining, and so on. So what does this say about our need to exercise and be more active if one wants to improve their health? The answer is so obvious, yet very few individuals, other than fitness trainers and chiropractors emphasize this need. The majority of people, although aware of the importance of exercise intellectually, do not put the theory to practice.

Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston are exhorting all to spend a bit more time, if not outdoors moving about, at least active at home or the gym. Sitting all day is just not an option any more. We know it can be difficult. We know that one’s life is consumed with the need to pay bills and taxes. We know that the majority don’t even have more than two hours to spare throughout a given day. That can be very tough on a person. And choosing to not exercise after a hard day at work is understandable. But we need to push through the resistance if we want the beautiful life that we daydream about. The life of health and abundance. Many of us don’t have this, and it is because our bodies are not fit. When the body is not fit, the mind tends not to function at its best. The connection between mind and body is one of the most underappreciated relationships to date. Why do people, although perhaps hating how they feel during a work out, feel so fantastic afterwards? It’s still a mystery to many – including many health professionals – and although a scientific explanation is not quite there yet, Chiropractic Clinic Houston believes its safe to assume, through logical consistency and empirical observation, that exercise sharpens the mind and boosts one’s mood. Induction tells us that that is indeed the case. Again, this may be commonsensical, but it is the truths that are most obvious, universially understood and accepted by practically every living consciousness in existence, that seem to keep us down. In order to push through the resistance, our chiropractors have developed a mini workout regimen that is fun, easy, and rewarding.

Warm Up

Before starting any workout, it is very important that you prepare for your workout. And preparation is done through a short, mini warm up. Without a proper warm up routine, you are far more susceptible to getting injured. Sprains, Strains, and other common injuries are just around the corner when you jump into an intense workout without warming up. Warm ups increase the blood flow in one’s muscles. Sounds very mundane, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But that doesn’t mean that it is not important. In fact, it is so important, that every athlete in every sport chooses to go the warm up route. They want to play a complete ball game and, without the warm up, that may not be feasible, as even the healthiest bodies break down when unprepared for rigorous physical exercise. Walk for twenty to thirty minutes, or jog for ten to fifteen. If you haven’t done anything of the sort in a long time, take it easy. You do not want to develop a neck, back, or hip injury and set yourself back anywhere from one to six months. That would be destructive and totally contrary to common sense expectation.


Depending on what part of the body you wish to work out, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed a watertight routine, that, when followed to the tee, will most definitely bring about those results you’ve always wished for.

If you are stuck at an office job and cannot get to a treadmill, then you can try our active sitting exercise routine, followed by thousands of Houstonians and other hard working Americans across the nation. Active sitting is the ultimate way to keep your body active without having to dedicate any time solely for exercising. You can do your active sitting exercises while you are typing behind the computer, or on the phone with a client or business partner. The beauty of these exercises is that you aren’t expending any mental energy while you are doing them, which means you can still remain one hundred percent focused on your job.

Perhaps you have already done some damage to your body throughout the years due to all the sitting you have done. The neck tends to be one of the body parts that begins to weaken when one is in the sitting position. This can cause a great amount of discomfort, and, sometimes, excruciating pain. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, our doctors have developed a special training program solely for strengthening the muscles in the neck. These exercises are done daily by some of the most well-known athletes of today. They can be done practically anywhere, at any time. Setting aside five minutes at work to do them can be of great benefit to your long term health.

Much like the neck, the hips tend to get weaker and weaker as one spends more and more time in a seated position. For this, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed an intense hip exercise routine, that, when followed, will give you the robust hips you’ve always wanted. A combination of leg swings, grok squats, and table pigeon poses will help strengthen all parts of the hip, giving you a balanced lower body.

Of course, it would be remiss to not mention lower back exercises. If you have back pain, make an effort to get in touch with our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston. Lower back pain is no joke. Professional assistance is highly recommended, as even slightly improper form can further aggravate a back injury which could possibly result in chronic pain.

Chiropractic Clinic Houston

Got any questions? Do you need assistance in developing a workout routine? Please get in touch with our chiropractors. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, we treat everybody like family – from our sports therapists, to spine injury specialists. We care for each and every one of our patients. When we help someone get back to optimal health, it is music to our ears. We love the sight of jovial and gregarious folks – and we know that a big part of being happy is being healthy. That is why we stress health and will do whatever it takes to help you get to that state where you can worry about everything else but your body. As adults, there are so many responsibilities that we have and problems that we face. Worrying about one’s health won’t let us focus fully and most consciously on those responsibilities and tasks. With out help, we will being you to optimal health and help you be more conscious, and thus more happy, throughout your day.

Sports Injury – Chiropractic Clinic Houston

Chiropractic Clinic Houston has been helping athletes of all ages return to optimal health. Many incur serious injuries and ailments, mostly due to rigorous training and exercise programs that do more harm than good. So what is the solution? Sports therapy. Simply put, with a top notch chiropractor, and a very streamlined sports therapy program, an athlete can go from hobbling and incapacitated to functioning optimally once again.

Our chiropractors are very proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of athletes get better within a very short time frame. We want to see our clients on the sports field (or court), not in the chiropractic clinic. That is why we work very hard to ensure that our clients get the best treatment in existence. The more time and effort we put into our clients, the better the results, and the better the results, the more clients. It is a win-win situation wherein both sides profit, just like all voluntary relationships.

The free market is replete with win-win negotiation, and, as entrepreneurial chiropractors, our relationships with our patients are no different. Our patients achieve health in exchange for a nominal fee, and we, as chiropractors, take that profit and invest it back in ourselves and in our business, so that we can help more and more people in the future. The different between our sports injury treatment and that supplied by other chiropractors in Houston, is the sheer amount of care and concern we put into our work. Coupling this empathic treatment with a logically consistent, empirically verifiable sports injury treatment protocol, you are getting one of the best treatments not just in Houston, but in all of Texas.

We are proud to say that our prices for sports injury treatment are among the lowest in the vicinity. Have doubts? Call around, ask for the prices. We’ll be surprised if you receive a quote anywhere near what we offer. Most prices are not only astronomical, but the payment system is not as friendly and accepting as what you get here. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, we promise to offer payments that are both agreeable and affordable, so that you don’t miss out on top notch chiropractic care. We will work with low income families, so don’t worry if you are strapped for cash. Honesty and empathy are two of the values we live by every day, and in order to give back to the community, in order to achieve virtue, we make sure to help those who are in need. If that is you, please, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Sports injuries are not fun at all. We want to help you get rid of that injury as quickly as possible, even if that means less profit for us.

Chiropractic care is not just about the knowledge of the musculoskeletal system. Good chiropractic care is much more than that. It consists of an inimitable empathic deportment that gives clients the feeling that they matter, that they are present and important to us. We promise that you will get the best possible care here at Chiropractic Clinic Houston. Do not miss out on this offer and give us a chance! Sports injury treatment Houston is not for everyone, but for the athletes that need it, we are here to help.

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Shoulder Pains and Chiropractic Care

The shoulder joint is supported by more muscles than any other joint in the body. However, due to its lack of bony structure, as well as the veritable shallowness of the shoulder joint, the shoulder is also the most commonly dislocated joint in the body. This can cause problems for many people, old, young, unathletic, athletic – you name it. But it’s not just these major shoulder dislocations that can be a problem. Subluxations and tendonitis problems, both very frequent, can also wreak havoc on one’s internal system. Even though they are less severe, they still damage and vitiate the quality of one’s life. Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have had many patients with shoulder injuries. We know exactly how to get to the root of the problem and get things fixed up as quickly as possible.

A proper diagnosis of one’s shoulder injury is pivotal. Without it, one may underestimate the damage done, then return to normal activity, only to aggravate the injury once more, making everything much worse. Chiropractic Clinic Houston has a strict protocol that gets to the heart of the issue. And best of all, we are more careful and caution – firmly believing in the measure twice, cut once philosophy, for it is always better to ensure you are correct, even if it takes a bit more time, than to pace things up and make a serious, grave mistake. We all know this, but not all adhere to this philosophy. Chiropractic Clinic Houston does, and we are proud to say that we have achieved a lot of success because of it. And remember, shoulder pain treatment Houston is our specialty.

In some instances of chronic shoulder dislocation, chiropractic treatment care can be an absolute boon. Cutting-edge techniques, such as shoulder joint manipulation and muscle-strengthening exercises may limit one’s chances of experiencing a future injury to the shoulder.

Our chiropractors treat hundreds of thousands of patients with shoulder injuries. Many are athletes, playing the usual sports like hockey, rugby, and tennis. Others are older people who weren’t wise enough to strengthen their muscles via weight training. These people have the greatest trouble recovering, particularly because they find exercise to be anathema. it is the combination of persuasive rhetoric and top notch chiropractic techniques that helps get these people back on track. Let’s face it, injuries are egregious. None of us want to experience any sort of ache or pain. When we do, the quality of our lives can seriously diminish. If your life has gotten worse ever since your injury, don’t hesitate, give our clinic a call. We have many convenient locations in the city of Houston, and have both top notch chiropractors and top notch equipment.

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