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Setting Up An Exercise Program – Revisited

For thousands of years, the human being was an active species, spending a great majority of his day trekking across great lengths to either gather food and water, build shelter, or collect valuables like gold and so on. This high level of activity kept man’s body in relatively fair shape. Injuries and physical structural impairments were not as commonplace as they are now. Of course, you are aware that today, in the 21st century, most men, on average, spend up seventy to ninety-five percent of their day sitting – inert and inactive. This has resulted in far more injuries and far more physical complications than the more primitive man – the one who went hunting, and fishing, and mining, and so on. So what does this say about our need to exercise and be more active if one wants to improve their health? The answer is so obvious, yet very few individuals, other than fitness trainers and chiropractors emphasize this need. The majority of people, although aware of the importance of exercise intellectually, do not put the theory to practice.

Our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston are exhorting all to spend a bit more time, if not outdoors moving about, at least active at home or the gym. Sitting all day is just not an option any more. We know it can be difficult. We know that one’s life is consumed with the need to pay bills and taxes. We know that the majority don’t even have more than two hours to spare throughout a given day. That can be very tough on a person. And choosing to not exercise after a hard day at work is understandable. But we need to push through the resistance if we want the beautiful life that we daydream about. The life of health and abundance. Many of us don’t have this, and it is because our bodies are not fit. When the body is not fit, the mind tends not to function at its best. The connection between mind and body is one of the most underappreciated relationships to date. Why do people, although perhaps hating how they feel during a work out, feel so fantastic afterwards? It’s still a mystery to many – including many health professionals – and although a scientific explanation is not quite there yet, Chiropractic Clinic Houston believes its safe to assume, through logical consistency and empirical observation, that exercise sharpens the mind and boosts one’s mood. Induction tells us that that is indeed the case. Again, this may be commonsensical, but it is the truths that are most obvious, universially understood and accepted by practically every living consciousness in existence, that seem to keep us down. In order to push through the resistance, our chiropractors have developed a mini workout regimen that is fun, easy, and rewarding.

Warm Up

Before starting any workout, it is very important that you prepare for your workout. And preparation is done through a short, mini warm up. Without a proper warm up routine, you are far more susceptible to getting injured. Sprains, Strains, and other common injuries are just around the corner when you jump into an intense workout without warming up. Warm ups increase the blood flow in one’s muscles. Sounds very mundane, doesn’t it? Well, it is. But that doesn’t mean that it is not important. In fact, it is so important, that every athlete in every sport chooses to go the warm up route. They want to play a complete ball game and, without the warm up, that may not be feasible, as even the healthiest bodies break down when unprepared for rigorous physical exercise. Walk for twenty to thirty minutes, or jog for ten to fifteen. If you haven’t done anything of the sort in a long time, take it easy. You do not want to develop a neck, back, or hip injury and set yourself back anywhere from one to six months. That would be destructive and totally contrary to common sense expectation.


Depending on what part of the body you wish to work out, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed a watertight routine, that, when followed to the tee, will most definitely bring about those results you’ve always wished for.

If you are stuck at an office job and cannot get to a treadmill, then you can try our active sitting exercise routine, followed by thousands of Houstonians and other hard working Americans across the nation. Active sitting is the ultimate way to keep your body active without having to dedicate any time solely for exercising. You can do your active sitting exercises while you are typing behind the computer, or on the phone with a client or business partner. The beauty of these exercises is that you aren’t expending any mental energy while you are doing them, which means you can still remain one hundred percent focused on your job.

Perhaps you have already done some damage to your body throughout the years due to all the sitting you have done. The neck tends to be one of the body parts that begins to weaken when one is in the sitting position. This can cause a great amount of discomfort, and, sometimes, excruciating pain. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, our doctors have developed a special training program solely for strengthening the muscles in the neck. These exercises are done daily by some of the most well-known athletes of today. They can be done practically anywhere, at any time. Setting aside five minutes at work to do them can be of great benefit to your long term health.

Much like the neck, the hips tend to get weaker and weaker as one spends more and more time in a seated position. For this, our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston have developed an intense hip exercise routine, that, when followed, will give you the robust hips you’ve always wanted. A combination of leg swings, grok squats, and table pigeon poses will help strengthen all parts of the hip, giving you a balanced lower body.

Of course, it would be remiss to not mention lower back exercises. If you have back pain, make an effort to get in touch with our chiropractors at Chiropractic Clinic Houston. Lower back pain is no joke. Professional assistance is highly recommended, as even slightly improper form can further aggravate a back injury which could possibly result in chronic pain.

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Got any questions? Do you need assistance in developing a workout routine? Please get in touch with our chiropractors. At Chiropractic Clinic Houston, we treat everybody like family – from our sports therapists, to spine injury specialists. We care for each and every one of our patients. When we help someone get back to optimal health, it is music to our ears. We love the sight of jovial and gregarious folks – and we know that a big part of being happy is being healthy. That is why we stress health and will do whatever it takes to help you get to that state where you can worry about everything else but your body. As adults, there are so many responsibilities that we have and problems that we face. Worrying about one’s health won’t let us focus fully and most consciously on those responsibilities and tasks. With out help, we will being you to optimal health and help you be more conscious, and thus more happy, throughout your day.