The Importance Of Spinal Alignment

So who would have thought – that how well you stand, how well your posture is, can be a fairly accurate determinant of how long you will live. It is now becoming incontrovertible: your posture is incredibly important. The better your spinal alignment, the better your health. The more hunched over you are, the greater your risk of becoming bedridden with an ungodly disease.

D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, stated back in the late 1890s how important it was to be properly aligned. At the time, he was called a crackpot – a charlatan looking to profit from ignorant and credulous sick people.

Fortunately, though, his commitment to reason and evidence, and his altruistic nature had him press the issue further, despite all the rejection he was getting. And as a result, people began to buy into his claims. Part of this was due to his success in healing the sick. Men and women with terrible back problems came to him – mainly due to desperation – and came out healthy and full of vigor. After hundreds of success stories, his reputation began to accumulate, and out of all this came the birth of chiropractic.

Chiropractic Houston has long ascribed to the practices of the great founder of chiropractic, and as a result, we have successfully cured people of serious neck and back pain – pain that had both men and women writhing in the morning. All that was gone, and all it took was some physical therapy and professional spinal alignment.

To get your spine aligned is something that may seem scary for most. What if the chiropractor hurts me? Won’t I just end up worse than before, and thinner in the wallet?

This sort of skepticism is understandable. But if you are a curious type; someone who isn’t afraid to ask questions and look for answers – answers that don’t necessarily reflect the thoughts and beliefs of the average mind – then it only behooves you to look into the chiropractic discipline. Ask around – see if there are any people in your area who have benefited from our services.

We guarantee you that you will find both men and women, young and old, who describe with great zeal the benefits they obtained from becoming a patient of our Houston chiropractors. You’ll get all different kinds of answers.

Some of the elderly will say that they can finally walk without pain. Others who are much younger – potentially even athletes – will say that they can now run and move with more ease and comfort. People injured in car accidents will tell you that they are no longer writhing in pain every morning. You’ll get the whole gamut – and we know this sounds peculiar, but it’s the truth.

It’s the truth that a misaligned spine will cause muscle weakness, tension, headaches, poor breathing habits and many, many more problems

It’s the truth that, without a properly adjusted spine, you will be more prone to further injury – even herniated discs.

And it’s the truth that, with our help, you can develop a better, stronger body – and return to the daily physical activity that you enjoyed in your pain-free days.

This is your life – and if you want to take action, to ensure that you can live a vivacious and fulfilling one – come to Chiropractic Clinic Houston. We are here to help.